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Advantages and Characteristics


1.Being the highland of the domestic tourism education.

In the recent years, our tourism management major has a rapid development, which has successively obtained Guangxi Provincial Superior Specialty (2005), National-level Characteristic Specialty (2007), National Characteristic Advantageous Discipline Laboratory (2007), Key Subjects in Guangxi (2009), Guangxi Teaching Team (2009), Guangxi Talent Highland Innovation Team Scheme (2011), Guangxi Graduate Professional Degree Education Reform Pilot (2011), Guangxi Universities Characteristic Advantageous Key Disciplines (2013), Guangxi Humanities and Social Sciences Research Base (2013), Guangxi “2011 Collaborative Innovation Centre” (2013), Guangxi High-Level Innovation Team (2014), and 4 courses have been evaluated as the provincial-level excellent courses, including tourism marketing, tourism planning, eco-tourism and hotel management. In 2008, it ranked eighth among 92 MTA programs in China.

2.Strong faculty resources.

The major of Master of Tourism Administration has the first-class faculty resources in china. The MTA teaching team has 11 professors, 16 associate professors, 7 senior economists, 18 doctors and 2 doctorate tutors, among which the teachers who have held posts in first-class domestic enterprises and have experience both in teaching and practice accounted for 45%. At the same time, we have invited more than 20 senior tourism professionals as visiting professors.

3.Our tourism research is in the domestic leading position.

We have set up the National Tourism Research Centre, Tourism Planning and Design Research Institute, Landscape Engineering Research Institute and many other research institutes, which have gained abundant scientific research achievements. Since 1996, we have accumulatively 13 projects supported by the National Social Science Foundation of China, 4 projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, as well as more than 30 provincial projects and more than 100 projects entrusted by the departments and society. In the past 3 years, we have obtained more than RMB 12,000,000 in scientific research funds.

4.Extensive tourism resources.

Guilin University of Technology is located in Guilin city, which is the national tourism comprehensive reform testing area. Our MTA major has cultivated a large number of talents for tourism industry. At present, many alumni have acted as leaders and managers in many tourism-related enterprises. We will broadly apply all these resources into our MTA teaching, in order to build a helpful platform for the future development of our students.

5.High-end cultivation targets.

The MTA in Guilin University of Technology aims at cultivating the industrial leaders in tourism industry bearing the perspective of overall situation, broad vision and great courage; through implementing the internationalized and socialized education strategies and highlighting the application-oriented, multi-ability and professional characteristics, cultivating the talents whom are capable of serving the economic and social development of China-ASEAN region and meeting the requirements for the practical tourism management personnel; cultivating the application-oriented multi-ability management personnel with high sense of social responsibility and tourism professional quality, global perspective and strategic thinking ability, whom bear innovative spirit and the entrepreneurial ability and are qualified for the actual work in modern tourism industry.