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Program Duration

  • MTA education for international students is a flexible educational system based on the credit system with a duration of study for 2 or 3 years. MTA international students can choose full-time or in-service learning, for which the duration of study for the full-time learning is 2 years, while that of the in-service learning is 3 years. The specific learning mode of the in-service MTA international students is to make full use of their spare time to study in a decentralized or centralized way, with no less than one-year period studying at school.

  • The graduate students should complete courses with the total credit score of 33. After completing all the teaching links, the students can start writing an academic dissertation, and the thesis defense application time shall be no less than six months after the proposal time.



  • MTA留学生教育实行以学分制为基础的弹性学制,学习期限为2—3年。MTA留学研究生可以选择脱产或者在职方式进行学习,脱产学习时间为2年,在职学习时间为3年。非全日制MTA在职留学生的具体学习方式主要利用业余时间进行分散学习或集中学习,累计在校学习时间应不少于1年。

  • 研究生须修满课程总学分33分。在完成全部教学环节后方可开始撰写学位论文,学位论文开题时间距申请答辩时间不得少于半年。